@interface MIKMIDISystemKeepAliveCommand : MIKMIDISystemMessageCommand


class MIKMIDISystemKeepAliveCommand : MIKMIDISystemMessageCommand

A MIDI System Keep Alive message (aka Active Sensing). Keep alive messages are sent repeatedly to tell the receiver of them that the MIDI connection is alive and working. Not all devices will send these at all.

Per the MIDI spec, if a device does receive a keep alive message, it should expect to receive another no more than 300 ms later. If it does not, it can assume the connection has been terminated, and turn off all currently active voices/notes.

Note that MIKMIDI doesn’t (currently) implement this behavior at all, and it is up to MIKMIDI clients to implement it if so desired.

  • Convenience method for creating a keep alive command, also known as an active sensing command.



    + (nonnull instancetype)keepAliveCommand;

    Return Value

    A keep alive command object.